Trade & Investment


A Closer Look into US-ASEAN Goods Trade

by Falan Yinug
Goods trade between the United States and the ten countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is surprisingly robust. According to official 2010 US trade statistics, ASEAN—if considered as one economic entity—is ranked as the United States'...

Free Trade Agreements in Comparison

by Damien Tomkins
Since 2002, spurred into action partly as a reaction to the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, partly as a response to stalled WTO talks, and partly as a result of other countries embrace of Free Trade Agreements (FTA), Japan has engaged in bilateral Preferential Trade...
ASEAN’s manufacturing exports have grown in recent years, due to increased productivity, proximity to large Asian markets, and recently implemented free trade agreements, according to a US International Trade Commission report issued in August. But challenges remain...
The U.S. Trade Representative office, which leads the U.S. executive branch efforts to negotiate trade agreements and resolve disputes, has produced a series of briefings that show how trade benefits the United States and individual states.

U.S. Exports to Asia Surpass those to Europe for first time ever

by Aaron Siirila
For the first time ever, Asia has surpassed the European Union as an American export destination, according to the Wall Street Journal blog, Real Time Economics. The story, “Sign of the Times: Emerging Asia Surpasses EU as U.S. Export Destination” by Kelly Evans,...