Politics & Security


The New Vietnamese Vocabulary for Foreign and Defense Relations

by Lewis M. Stern
In the last decade, the Foreign and Defense Ministries in Vietnam have sought to develop more effective organizations and capable leadership, incorporating more complex information into the way these organizations think about the world and make decisions regarding...

President Obama Signs Extension of US-Korea Nuclear Cooperation Agreement

by Alex Forster
The agreement governing the US-South Korea nuclear partnership, signed in its current form in 1974, was originally set to expire this month after forty years in effect. Both sides agreed to a two-year extension of the existing agreement, which was signed by President...

John Kerry Concludes Fifth Trip to Asia Since Taking Office

by Alex Forster
Earlier this week, Secretary of State John Kerry concluded his fifth trip to Asia since being sworn in to lead the State Department one year ago. His itinerary this time included stops in South Korea, China and Indonesia. In each country, Secretary Kerry met with...

An Emergent US Security Strategy in Southeast Asia

by Marvin Ott and Kenneth Ngo
The foundation of US security strategy in Southeast Asia since the end of World War II has been a “hub and spoke” system of formal bilateral alliances with four countries in the region.